The University aims to be a source of high-quality publications (journal articles, reviews, features, books, seminar presentations, media appearances) from its researchers. Researchers are encouraged to publish their findings locally, nationally, and internationally, particularly those that can inform policy and advance knowledge relevant to Bhutan, either in official University publications (such as BJRD or College-based journals) or through external venues on their own. Official University publications must uphold the highest possible standards of integrity and commitment to excellence by maintaining certain standards as defined here. Currently the university publishes 1 internationally peer-reviewed journal and 4 other journals at the college level.

Teaching & Learning


The University aims to enhance the quality of educational provision through enhancement of teaching-learning systems, programmes diversification, and quality assurance.



The University aims to built a culture of development oriented and policy relevant research that will enhance sustainable wellbeing and happiness.

GNH-Inspired Education


The University aims to provide GNH inspired education to ensure that the values imbibed by RUB graduates are consistent with the principles of Gross National Happiness.

Student Services


 The University aims  to provide efficient and effective student services in creating an enabling environment for enhanced learning and student development.