DAAD Alumni Meet and Final Project workshop

On 8th may 2017, College of Science and Technology (CST) in collaboration with University of Rostock Germany organized a two day event to bring together Bhutanese Alumni funded by the Germany Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) and to hold a seminar on ‘Modelling and simulations of Bhutan’s Hydro power plants and transmission network’

Dr. Ruland, General Secretary, DAAD addressed the gathering by sharing her happiness to meet the Bhutanese Alumni who studied in Germany. She also congratulated the successful completion of project titled ‘Modelling and simulations of Bhutan’s Hydro power plants and transmission network’ that was implemented by CST, Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) and DrukGreen Power (DGPC) and Rostock University, Germany. The project was funded by DAAD.

The executives of RUB, DGPC, BPC and Rostock University presented their organization’s status and future plans and discussed the possibilities of future collaboration. The next day 9th May 2017 will be a technical workshop on simulation and modeling of hydro power plants and transmission network.

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