College of Science and Technology

The College of Science and Technology (CST), located in Rinchending, Phuntsholing, in South West Bhutan, is one of the constituent colleges of the Royal University of Bhutan. The college was formerly known as the Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology (RBIT). It is the only degree awarding college in the country that offers undergraduate programmes in engineering.

At present the college teaches undergraduate programmes in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Information Technology. CST also runs a number of short-term trainings, workshops and courses for employees, especially technical professionals, in government, business and industry.

The College has a team of twenty-six qualified and committed faculty supported by good laboratory facilities, library and internet connectivity. The college provides internet access to staff and students through leased line connectivity and is available 24/7. The college is located on a beautiful hilltop about 5 kilometres from the Phuntsholing town which borders with the bustling Indian town of Jaigaon. CST has campus based residential blocks for both men and women.

CST offers a unique learning opportunity for its students. It has excellent boarding facilities, guest rooms, IT labs, library, cafeteria, and conference halls. To learn about academic programmes, teaching, learning, research, innovation, student services, and the CST community, please visit

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