Samtse College of Education

Samtse College of Education

Samtse College of Education (SCE) is another constituent college of the Royal University of Bhutan. Like the college of education in Paro, it specializes in teacher education. Located in a pristine environment congenial for study and contemplation, the college is about 10 minutes drive from the small town of Samtse in south west Bhutan.

scSCE was founded as a teacher-training institute in 1968. Previously known as the National Institute of Education, it became a member college of the Royal University of Bhutan in 2003. The college offers a wide range of programmes at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels for pre-service and in-service teacher candidates. At present four different progarmmes are available: Postgraduate Diploma in Education; Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling; Bachelor of Primary Education; and Bachelor of Secondary Education. The college will introduce Master’s level programmes in science and humanities. Apart from the award bearing programmes that it teaches, SCE also provides a number of short trainings, workshops, seminars and other professional develop courses to teachers and other professionals in the field of education. All of the progarmmes are taught by a team of qualified and dedicated faculty.

SCE has a centre -- Centre for University Teaching and Learning (CULT) established with the aim to advance research and innovation in tertiary teaching and learning.

SCE offers a unique learning opportunity for its students. It has excellent boarding facilities, guest rooms, IT labs, cafeteria, modern lecture theatre, and convenience shops. To learn about academic programmes, teaching, learning, research, innovation, student services, and the SCE community, please visit

Teaching & Learning


The University aims to enhance the quality of educational provision through enhancement of teaching-learning systems, programmes diversification, and quality assurance.



The University aims to built a culture of development oriented and policy relevant research that will enhance sustainable wellbeing and happiness.

GNH-Inspired Education


The University aims to provide GNH inspired education to ensure that the values imbibed by RUB graduates are consistent with the principles of Gross National Happiness.

Student Services


 The University aims  to provide efficient and effective student services in creating an enabling environment for enhanced learning and student development.

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