Research and Innovation Committee

Research and Innovation Committee

Status: The 5th Academic Board Meeting in August 2005 endorsed the operationalization of this Committee. Changes as approved by 6th RIC meeting of March 2008 have been incorporated.

Purpose and Function

The Research and Innovation Committee promotes research and innovation within the University and its associated professions. It will:

  • formulate, for approval by the Academic Board, policies to promote research and innovation in the University; taking account of external research policy developments by the RGoB and other funders and also ensure implementation in accordance with the policy 
  • identify sources of funding for research within the University 
  • advise on the establishment of links with other universities and research bodies 
  • make proposals for the allocation of funds in support of University research 
  • monitor the quality of research within the University 
  • ensure the maintenance of ethical standards in University research 
  • provide support towards dissemination of research findings 


Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or such other person as is appointed by the Academic Board


  • Vice Chancellor 
  • Director of Research (Member Secretary) 
  • One member appointed by and from the Academic Board 
  • Five members appointed by the Academic Board [These shall be members of staff with experience in conducting research, preferably staff with a reputable research publication record]. 
  • Four external members appointed by the Academic Board from outside the University, with experience of conducting research, and preferably of gaining research funding 
  • A representative of Libraries 
  • Two research students 
  • Chair of the Research Ethics Sub-Committee, if there is one

Teaching & Learning


The University aims to enhance the quality of educational provision through enhancement of teaching-learning systems, programmes diversification, and quality assurance.



The University aims to built a culture of development oriented and policy relevant research that will enhance sustainable wellbeing and happiness.

GNH-Inspired Education


The University aims to provide GNH inspired education to ensure that the values imbibed by RUB graduates are consistent with the principles of Gross National Happiness.

Student Services


 The University aims  to provide efficient and effective student services in creating an enabling environment for enhanced learning and student development.

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