Institutional Goals

The institutional goals of iGNHaS Studies are:

  • To provide a legitimate national voice to the evidences and outcomes of researches and analysis for planning and policymaking.
  • To provide a centre of excellence in the analysis of development policy issues.
  • To identify current and emerging development problems through holistic and forward-looking analyses and offer alternative choices and opportunities.
  • To carry out high-quality research and analysis leading to rational solutions to development issues in Bhutan.
  • To communicate new insights and knowledge derived from research and policy analyses to stakeholders in the public and private sectors with the aim to stimulate informed debates and effective action for improving development practice in the future.
  • To serve as an effective intellectual bridge among policy makers in government, business, industry, and academia and provide a forum for the discussion, exchange, and assessment of views amongst stakeholders.
  • To achieve high standards of academic excellence through a culture of authentic research, scholarship and real world engagements.
  • To be a source of technical expertise and policy advice for the wider region outside of Bhutan. To be a point of reference on national policy issues to the public by providing an independent and authoritative voice.
  • To strengthen the country's access to the highest quality expertise available by building and managing linkages with international institutions and scholars concerned with relevant issues.