The Institute for GNH Studies through its many these initiatives will help to build a systematic body of knowledge on the ten major research themes it considers priorities areas: Happiness Economics: Policy and Practice, GNH and Human Values, Gender, Democracy and Governance, Educational Change, Health and Wellness, Climate and Energy, Culture and Sustainable Communities, Youth and Development, and Social Change. For example, researchers, trainers, policy advocates, elected representatives and others will have access to a specialized library with physical as well as electronic resources on gender, governance, democracy and happiness.

iGNHaS will therefore develop and maintain a compact and a comprehensive library with the core objective of becoming a leading professional research and reference centre in the country. The library will provide a one-stop point for search for information for scholars, researchers, academia, students, and all those seeking authentic information through its extensive bank of information. Accordingly, the library will feature a comprehensive collection of publications under each thematic area. Ultimately, the aim is to have all the research and scholarly publications on Bhutan under each theme to be made available at the library.