Consultative Meeting on PhD Programme

The Department of Research and External Relations hosted a one-day consultative meeting on PhD programmes with the 5 colleges on 25th October 2018.

The Colleges made presentations on various stages of development of prospective PhD programmes. The College of Language and Culture Studies (CLCS) is planning for 4-years PhD in Anthropology and the College of National Resources (CNR) on 3 year PhD programme in Climate Studies. The College of Science and Technology (CST), Paro College of Education (PCE) and Samtse College of Education are also planning for introducing PhD programme. Some of the outcomes of the consultative meeting were that all PhD programme under RUB will be research-based, all applicants will need to submit a project proposal for admission, candidates need to invest 85% of their time in research, Principal Supervisor has to be full academic and criterion for registration of research supervisors proposed. They also discussed possible collaborations and academic support from both the outside and within the country. They further delved into curriculum mapping of general requirements for the PhD programmes.