Visiting Guidelines for International Staff visiting the RUB

It is crucial for a tertiary educational institution to network and collaborate with international institutions to enhance teaching-learning and research. Therefore, this Guidelines is prepared to assist the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) in facilitating visit of international staff and students on different modalities. As RUB operates on a federated model with its colleges spread across Bhutan, it is hoped that the Guidelines will assist college(s) and the different divisions in the Office of the Vice Chancellor (OVC) to prepare visa and entry process effectively and efficiently across distance and on online platforms.

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RUB Research Policies is the primary reference regarding research for members of the University (administrators, faculty, staff, and students) as well as affiliates and anyone involved in research with the University, or using University resources. The ZHIB TSHOL was endorsed by the 14th Research and Innovation Committee in October 2013 and approved by the 29th Academic Board which is the primary academic authority of the University responsible for academic affairs, including academic standards, research, scholarship, teaching and programmes at the University. The policies define the official policies, procedures, and structures of the University governing all aspects of research.

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Research Degree Framework

Research at the University occurs within the context of numerous administrative structures serving a variety of purposes such as governance and management, setting and enforcement of standards, ensuring quality, and providing support to researchers. The Research Degree Framework aims to detail the processes of development, implementation, and monitoring of all research based postgraduate study in the University. The Framework defines the roles and responsibilities of administrators, faculty, and students with respect to the official policies, procedures, and structures of the University governing all aspects of research degrees. The Framework incorporates or refers to the RUB Research Policies and the Wheel of Academic Law to clarify sections relevant to higher degree research. The Research Degree Framework implemented from 2015 was revised and approved for implementation by Academic Board in November 2020. The updated version of RDF 2021 is made available for immediate reference.

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