Call for Research Endowment Fund for the financial year 2021-2022

Climate change is unraveling rapidly in the Himalayas and impacting countries like Bhutan, whose socio-economic wellbeing is critically tied to climate sensitive sectors.

It is understood that no sector will be spared from the inevitable and damaging consequences of climate change. As such, climate change presents a clear and imminent danger to the socio-economic wellbeing and prosperity of Bhutan.

The capacity of national and local institutions to address climate related challenges meaningfully is impeded by lack of information and credible research. As Bhutan transitions, significantly so, to the status of a mid-level income country by 2023, it is imperative that climate change research, pedagogy, and outreach be strengthened in terms of execution capacity, institutional alignment, mainstreaming, ownership, and impact.

Research in general and climate research in particular has been sporadic and lacks coherence despite Climate Change Policy of Bhutan put in place. There is a need to increase public awareness and understanding on climate change. And it calls for a coherent and coordinated process to access support from international mechanisms for climate change capacity building.

The Research Endowment Fund Secretariat invites applications for 2021-2022 financial year for social research on following themes on how climate change impact.

  • Climate change projection
  • Climate financing
  • Climate justices
  • Transport and industry
  • Disasters
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Livelihood
  • Cultural beliefs and traditions
  • Biodiversity

All applications should be submitted as per REF Application Form which can be downloaded from

Application should be addressed to the Director, Department of Research and External Relations, Office of the Vice Chancellor, Royal University of Bhutan and submitted electronically latest by 30th April 2021 to འ་ནི་གློག་འཕྲིན་ཁ་བྱང༌འདི་ ཨེས་པམ་བོཊ(spambots)་ལས་བསྲུང་ནུག འདི་བལྟ་ནིའི་དོན་ལུ་ ཁྱོད་ཀྱིས་(avaScript)་འདི་ ལྕོགས་ཅན་བཟོ།.