Candidates are shortlisted for Written Examination

Candidates are shortlisted for Written Examination against various academic positions at RUB based on the below mentioned shortlisting criteria.

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 Shortlisting Criteria:

  1. Candidates must meet the benchmark score as below:
    • Those with Bachelors degree: Minimum aggregate of 60% each in Class X (English + best 4 subjects) and Class XII (English + best 3 subjects), and 55% in Bachelors degree (honors)/60% in Bachelors degree (general).
      Note: The criteria do not apply for those with minimum of five years of relevant experience in professional positions
    • Those with relevant Masters degree: Minimum aggregate of 50% each in Bachelors degree and Masters degree
  1. Aggregate marks have been calculated for those positions with more than 20 applicants (for each slot). ‘Aggregate %’ has been calculated considering performance in academic qualifications: 15% of Class X, 25% of Class XII and 60% of Bachelors degree. Also, 5 bonus points have been awarded for those with 5-10 years of relevant experience at professional positions and 10 bonus points for those with more than 10 years of relevant experience.

Additionally, 5 bonus points have been awarded for those with relevant Masters degree qualification for the positions where Bachelors degree is the minimum qualification requirement.

  1. Relevancy of the qualifications have been assessed by respective colleges to determine the suitability of candidates based on subject contents.

Candidates may appeal to the HR Division latest by Thursday, 26 December 2019 during office hours, for any grievances related to shortlisting through call at 02-336523.

Important Note:

  1. All shortlisted candidates must sit for written examination. Candidates must bring along their original Citizenship Identity Card and other items required for the examination.
  2. Written examination will be administered to test the subject knowledge of the candidates.
  3. Candidates shortlisted for 2 or more positions have to sit for Written Examination for different papers separately. In the event the schedule for these papers are at the same time, they will be allotted 90 minutes each for different papers.
  4. Candidates must score 50% or more in the written examination.
  5. A maximum of 5 candidates will be shortlisted for viva voce interview based on the merit of marks secured in the written examination. (Viva voce interview to be held tentatively from first week of January 2020)
  6. The scores obtained in the written examination will be considered during the final selection.

For any inquiries, please call 02-336523/02-336454.

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