Shortlisted for the position of Chief, Quality Assurance & Enhancement Division at the OVC

The following candidates have been shortlisted for the position of Chief, Quality Assurance & Enhancement Division at the Office of the Vice Chancellor:

Sl. No.








 Selection Process:

  1. All shortlisted candidates are required to prepare a presentation on the appointed date, time and venue.
    Preparation of presentation will be carried out on 6 July 2020, Monday (11 AM onwards) at Gawa Hall, OVC, RUB, Lower Motithang and the hall will be equipped with PC/Laptop. All candidates will be given a topic (same for all) to prepare a PPT presentation. Candidates will be given 2 hours to prepare the PPT. Once the PPTs are ready, copies will be submitted to the RUB.
  2. The candidates shall present their PPT slides to a selection panel on the day of the selection interview. Each candidate will be given 20 minutes to make their presentation, followed by up to 40 minutes of the viva-voce interview.
    The selection interview will be held on 7 July 2020, Tuesday at the Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, OVC, RUB, Lower Motithang. The timing of the selection interview for each candidate shall be informed via email and phone call.
  3. The presentation will aid the panel members in assessing the English language proficiency (both written and spoken), organization of thoughts and presentation of ideas, communication skills, knowledge and awareness about the roles of the position, and tertiary education provision in Bhutan.
  4. Final selection shall be based on the performance of the candidates in the selection interview, which will be judged based on the selection interview form for the Chief position (Click Here).