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The Royal University of Bhutan launches new website and an E-book

The Department of Research and External Relation, Royal University of Bhutan, is launching a website titled “Bhutan Himalayan Climate Studies” on 11th November 2020 in dedication to His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo for his dynamic leadership. The portal is established with the aim to create a hub for interactions between climate researchers, government decision-makers and operational staff, thereby bridging the gap between climate adaptation research, policy and operations.

The content of the website will have a background on Bhutan Himalayan climate studies project and address challenges related to climate change in the Himalayas. The website highlights the rationale for the climate studies in Bhutan and the Himalayas, and with partners and stakeholders involved, the expected outcomes from a series of workshops in disseminating climate studies and opportunities in Bhutan will be shared. Both students and lecturers of RUB will have access to the technical papers and content of the website by registering and participating in the discussion forums. The website will be beneficial to both the University and the country as a whole by promoting its visibility at national, regional and international levels. Through this website, international and development partners can be attracted and thus can help in supporting climate studies in Bhutan.

The second event will be the launch of the e-book titled “Reaching New Heights Through Policy Research and Practice” in commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo. The book is dedicated to the 4th Druk Gyalpo for His Majesty’s inspirational leadership and wisdom. The booklet is published with an aim to assist the policymakers to frame an evidenced-based policy and decisions for the country. Though the book focuses on all the topical studies presented through discipline-specific view, specific focus is pinned to the educational policy and practice. The book approaches the government’s decision to change the four decades of student progression to higher secondary level from a policy review perspective and then deals with the feasibility of thermal infrastructure development of school buildings in cold places in Bhutan to advise policy. The book also describes the importance of knowledge management in higher education and deals with the feedback of multi-stakeholder and their perception towards the development of a good teacher.

The website and e-book will be launched in the Office of the Vice Chancellor at 11:30 AM in the presence of the Resident Coordinator of UN in Bhutan and the Vice Chancellor of RUB.

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