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French Language & Culture from 8th March 2021

French Language Course Detail

Royal University of Bhutan in collaboration with French Institute in India affiliated to the French Embassy, Delhi is offering:  

  1. French Language Class for Professionals (Adult Complete beginners) from 8th March to 9th April, 2021. (first 12 applicants will be accepted)
  2. Refresher course on Conversational French for adults from 8th March to 9th  April, 2021. (first 12 applicants will be accepted)

1. Details on French Class for Professionals ( Adult Complete beginners )


  • Number of hours: 30 hours
  • Duration: 5 weeks 
  • Course organization:
  • Mixed mode :
  • face to face classes : twice a week (2*1.5 hours= 3 hours/week) Timing : 5:30pm to 7pm. (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • asynchrone work : (3 hours/week) RUB elearning platform for grammar lessons, exercises and continuous assessment.
  • A certificate of completion will be delivered at the end of the course after completion of the coursework and continuous assessment.

Course summary

This course will provide basics of communication in French Language for professional purposes:

  •  It is specifically intended for professionals to help them while travelling, attending meetings and communicating with French speaking people
  • It is also suitable for non-professionals who are curious about the French Language and want to make a start 

NB. To achieve the level beginner in French language, a minimum of 100 hours is required. This 30 hours course offers an introduction to conversational French language and  is intended to be pursued to the next level to allow participants progress and regularly practice.  

Course content :

  •  Introduction to conversational French for professional purposes. The four skills will be covered : speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Insight into French culture, codes and cultural norms in francophone countries
  • Exposure to questions of the international exam in French Language (NB: a minimum of 100 hours learning is required to take the first level exam A1)
  • At the end of the course, participants should be able :
  • to formulate and understand basic questions related to their 
  • immediate environment 
  • to understand basic information, notices and instructions with the aid of visual content
  • to communicate by mail : to understand and make short requests related to dates and timing


  •  Each week, 100% completion of elearning activities and exercises
  •  Achievement of  75% in continuous assessment 
  •  A minimum of 85% of attendance to face to face classes

 Course Fee

  • Nu.6500/-. This fee is to be directly deposited to RUB account number 100890985. You will find a slot in the online application form to upload your MBoB receipt as evidence of your payment. 
  •  In case candidates wish to withdraw within the first two days after the start of the course Nu. 500/- will be deducted as administrative charges from the fees and the remaining will be refunded. 

 2. Refresher course on conversational French for Adult (level A1/A2)

  1. Only 12 participants will be accepted on a first come first basis.
  2. The application and registration will be done online. Please click the link to apply:


  1. Aspiring participants should have basic knowledge in French : basic verbs (present tense), vocabulary on familiar topics (physical description, food, transport, in town, etc) as well as understanding of grammar rules in French (conjugation, gender and sentence construction) and a minimum of conversation practice.
  2. The course will focus on oral practice and basic communication in various situations.
  3. It is intended for adults aiming at traveling or working in French speaking countries, guides or anyone interested to deepen their knowledge in French language.

 At the end of the course, a certificate with both logos : RUB and French Institute will be delivered.


  1. Classes will take place 2 days a week : Monday and Thursday (100% face to face classes)
  2. Class Timing– 9:30AM to 12PM (2,5 hours*2= 5 hours/week)
  3.  Duration : 5 weeks  

 Course Fee

  1. It is offered at affordable fee of Nu. 4000/-
  2. In case candidates wish to withdraw within the first two days after the start of the course Nu. 500/- will be deducted as administrative charges from the fees and the remaining will be refunded.
  3. Please MBoB your fees to RUB official account number 100890985.

 General Information


  • RUB is Located at lower Motithang just above the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource

Why take a French course in RUB

  • RUB offers French classes in collaboration with the French Institute under the French Embassy in Delhi. 
  • RUB offers a well equipped classroom. 
  • The French Institute promotes French Language development all over the world. They provide assistance, supply of manuals and regular training to the French teacher. They can also offer opportunities to attend online events such as French movie sessions, cultural conferences and correspondence with other learners.
  • Additional help to translate documents and to take the international French exams in India can also be sought.
  • A certificate with both logos (RUB and the French Institute) will be delivered.

French Teacher’s Qualifications

  • French citizen, 
  • Native French speaker, 
  • 7 years teaching experience
  • MSc. from Purpan Engineering School (Toulouse, France), MA  in Sociodidactics of French as Foreign Language and PhD candidate in French Language and Literature in Jean Monnet University (Saint Etienne, France)

For any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 17637864 (administrative)/17638002 (course content) during official hours of 9AM to 5PM.