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Introductory course on French Language and culture for students

Date : 12th April to 11th May

Royal University of Bhutan in collaboration with French Institute in India affiliated to the French Embassy, Delhi is offering an introductory course on French Language and Culture for students.

The application and registration will be done online. Please click the link to apply:

Participants :

  • Pass Class XII (including those waiting for class 12 results).
  • students wishing to pursue further studies in French speaking regions (e.g. Erasmus programme) or to work in international organisations
  • students interested to learn foreign language to increase their opportunities 

Course description : 

This course is specifically intended for students. It will introduce them to French language and culture. They will be able to acquire the basics of conversation and grammar in French and understand French norms and codes. In addition, the objectives of the course aims at :

  • creating awareness on the cultural diversity of francophone cultures and communities
  • developing students’ curiosity on foreign cultures for intercultural competence and communication
  • providing students with learning methods to acquire a foreign language, in particular French language
  • instilling study habits and organization

After this session, further sessions will be offered to pursue French language and improve in reading, listening and speaking.

Course organization and schedule

  • Mode : intensive course (100% face to face classes)
  • Schedule : 4 times a week : 9:30am to 12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Break on Wednesday and week-ends) 
  • Duration : 4 weeks 
  • Total : 40 hours 

Course Fees 

A nominal fee of Nu.6500/- will be charged. This fee is to be directly deposited to the official RUB account number 100890985. You will find a slot in the online application form to upload your MBoB receipt as evidence of your payment. 


Students will be asked to participate and complete group activities in class. They should devote approximately 2 to 3 hours/week outside the classroom to study the vocabulary and work on small tasks. At the end of the session, a certificate with both logos RUB and the French Institute in India will be delivered provided that students meet the following requirement :

  • minimum attendance : 85%
  • completion of all the required coursework and continuous assessment
  • 65% at the final test (Students will be allowed to retake the final test several times)

At the end of the course, having fulfilled the above requirements, a certificate with both RUB and French Institute logo will be delivered.

Why study the French language?

  • French is the only language with English to be spoken in all continents. This diversity of communities and societies makes French language an ideal foreign language to develop intercultural skills.
  • The French language inherited a rich history of civilizations and cultures. Learning French language is not only about learning a foreign language, it allows to explore arts and literature and better understand social issues such as colonization, immigration and the development of African countries.
  • Learning French language opens up cultural, educational and professional opportunities around the world, in particular in Canada, USA (Louisiana) and European countries (France, Switzerland and Belgium).
  • French has one of the most complex grammar systems. Learning French language helps develop cognitive and memorization skills and facilitates the learning of other romance languages such as Italian and Spanish.

General Information 


  • RUB is Located at lower Motithang just above the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource

Why take a French course in RUB

  • RUB offers French classes in collaboration with the French Institute under the French Embassy in Delhi. 
  • RUB offers a well equipped classroom. 
  • The French Institute promotes French Language development all over the world. They provide assistance, supply of manuals and regular training to the French teacher. They can also offer opportunities to attend online events such as French movie sessions, cultural conferences and correspondence with other learners.
  • Additional help to translate documents and to take the international French exams in India can also be sought.
  • A certificate with both logos (RUB and the French Institute) will be delivered.

French Teacher’s Qualifications

  • French citizen, 
  • Native French speaker, 
  • 7 years teaching experience
  • MSc. from Purpan Engineering School (Toulouse, France), MA  in Sociodidactics of French as Foreign Language and PhD candidate in French Language and Literature in Jean Monnet University (Saint Etienne, France)

For any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 17637864 (administrative)/17638002 (course content) during official hours of 9AM to 5PM.