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Education Minister Visits Sherubtse College

On 9 March, His Excellency the Education Minister Jai Bir Rai granted an audience to the second year’s students of Sherubtse College and the MA English students of Yongphula Centenary College.  His Excellency talked about the education quality of the country and the concerns he had about the employment of graduates.

The 3-hours long programme started with a welcome speech by Abi Chandra Acharya, the president to Forum of International and National Awareness (FINA). He highlighted on the history of the college.

His Excellency expressed that the sole purpose of his visit to the college was to see the students of Sherubtse College, his alma mater. He emphasized on the fact that the education system cannot succeed without the support from the students and teachers. He also shared his opinion on seeking campus requirements and that fields like IT and Media Marketing were the future of job opportunities. While his Excellency made the audience laugh with his hilarious tales, he also expressed about his concerns over the career of the youths and urged the students to think about their future.

The program came to an end with a vote of thanks by Kezang Sherab, FINA representative. The program placed great emphasis on securing a better career and honing the skills of a student from college itself.

Tenzin Yewong Lhamo

B.A English (Year 1)