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Adaptive Leadership and Change Management Training

A two-day professional development training on Adaptive Leadership and Change Management program was completed for the staff and faculty of Gedu College of Business Studies (GCBS). The training was led by Mr. Kinga Tshering and his team from the Institute of Happiness, Thimphu in collaboration with the GCBS from 9-10th August.

The training had 30 participants from the College and 1 from Bank of Bhutan, Gedu branch. Day one of the training focused on following aspects:

  1. Concept Framework-Adaptive Leadership
  2. Heart of the Danger & Dancing on the Edge
  3. How to Respond? – Getting up on the Balcony

On the second day, the training focused on the following:

  1. Mindset Change
  2. Do the Diagnosis
  3. Plan of Action (PoA) with Q &  A
  4. Feedback on the content and delivery of the program

On 10 August Mr. Kinga Tshering gave a 90-minute talk to the final year students in the Semkyed Tshokhang hall. The speaker highlighted the following:

  1. Adaptive leadership
  2. Knowledge versus Value
  3. Gross National Happiness
  4. STEM and equation of Happiness

The event ended with a question and answer session with the students.