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Advanced Data Management and Enhancing Excel Literacy in the workplace

For effective data management and to strengthen the excel skills, a 7-day short-term professional development programme (PD) on ‘Advanced Data Management and Enhancing Excel Literacy in the workplace’ was held for the Examination and Student Record Officers of the Colleges of RUB.

The short-term PD programme coordinated by the Student Service Division of the Office of the Vice Chancellor (OVC) had 11 members from the 9 constituent Colleges including 3 online members attending the programme from 23 to 29 August 2021 at the Paro College of Education.

The members were introduced to various features of the Information Management System (IMS) including usage of Academic, Admission and Examination feature for the first three days. The session was led by Mr Dawa Tshering, ICT Officer of OVC.

The next four days were followed by training on managing data effectively within the organization, mastering data techniques to better connect with the real workplace and learning essential Excel skills. The session was led by Mr Jamyang Tenzin, Dean of Academic Affairs, Gedu College of Business Studies.

On the last day of the PD programme, the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar met with the participating members. In a closing remark, the Vice Chancellor said that the Examinations and Record Officers are the 'Data Focal Person' of the Colleges and therefore, must produce reliable data. The VC also stressed the importance of maintaining up to date records and encouraged the use of the RUB Information Management System for documentation and generation of various data. The programme ended with the award of certificates to the participating members by the Vice Chancellor.