iGNHaS Researchers

iGNHaS’ research projects will be undertaken by its core team of researchers comprising of top RUB researchers who are distinguished for their combination of research productivity and policy experience, young Bhutanese researchers (especially highly motivated university graduates), researchers in reputed research institutions within Bhutan or outside who have relevant knowledge and perspectives on specific projects assigned to them, and doctoral candidates enrolled in an RUB college or in external universities. While there are no permanent research positions in the iGNHaS Secretariat, Visiting Research Scholars, depending on the nature of the studies undertaken, iGNHaS researchers from RUB Colleges, those from external research institutions, and young Bhutanese researchers may spend varying lengths of time at the IGNHS secretariat to work on specific projects. Depending on the nature of the research grants secured, RUB researchers will either lead a project or be an active member of a research team. Motivated university graduates will be recruited as Research Assistants for short term assignments to work on specific projects and to work under the supervision of a Lead Researcher.