Faculty Research Meet

On 26th and 27th December 2017, 50 researchers of RUB gathered in College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing to share their research findings and progress of ongoing research projects. The Faculty Research Meet is part of the capacity building initiative supported by the Global Development Network.

Research topics varied across the colleges from culture, education, engineering, environment, business, agriculture and livestock.

To stimulate the culture of inquiry in the University, Department of Research and External Relations in the Office of Vice Chancellor, RUB provides very competitive annual university wide-research grants. The department also organizes various capacity building activities such as Faculty Research Meets, where researchers/academics can share their work and research findings. Such activities are clearly in line with the mandate in the Royal Charter of RUB which states that the one of the key objective of the University is ‘to promote and conduct research, to contribute to the creation of knowledge in an international context and to promote the transfer of knowledge of relevance to Bhutan” (Article 2.2 of The Royal Charter, RUB, 2003, p. 3).

Day one of the meet was devoted on sharing findings of eighteen completed research projects by faculty researchers from RUB colleges. It was significant in that the importance of research in RUB could be emphasized and at the same time acknowledge and appreciate the successfully completed research projects.

Feedback from the completed research projects highlighted the contributions the findings could make to different aspects of RUB as well as the wider society at large. Mr. Tshering, Sr. Lecturer in College of Science and Technology said, ‘my research work on An Investigation of Teaching and Learning Methodology used in Bhutan Engineering College: A Study in College of Science and Technology, will be useful in updating teaching methodology and build competence in teaching and learning processes. It may also be used for while framing policy and updating curriculum’.

Mr. Bimal K Chetri, Sr.Lecturer SherubtseCollege said, ‘This research meet brings researchers together to disseminate the research findings which are useful to Bhutanese. Otherwise everyone does researches in isolation. This platform provides immediate feedback to infant researchers where new idea transpires and becomes basis for future researches. I also feel that this platform to be opened all Bhutanese scholars beyond RUB scholars. ’ ‘Conducting this kind of research meet has immensely helped to create more research awareness for RUB faculty’, said MsPemaYouden, Asst. Lecturer from College of Language and Cultural Studies who completed a research project on ‘Meaning and Significance of Tangsibi Mani in Bumthang’.

Day two of the meet was organized for the twenty-one faculty researchers to present the progress of their research projects as well as seek feedback and support from specially assigned critical friends to further enhance the research projects.