Dean of Research and External Relations Meet

On 27th and 28th December, 2016 Department of Research and External Relations organized the 3rd Annual Workshop of the Deans of Research and Industrial Linkages at the College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing.

During the two day meet, Colleges presented their annual research activities’ report and achievement of external relations key performance indicators (KPIs) for 2015-2016. The participants discussed and recommended few updates required in the research KPIs since its initiation.

During the meet, the participants were also updated on the administration process and procedure of establishment of new research centres in colleges, procedures and processes on external linkages in relation to government regulations and administrative processes of the annual university research grants.

On the second day, the participants reviewed the grant report drafted by the Institute for GNH Studies (iGNHaS), RUB. This report will be submitted to Global Development Network, for the project title for ‘Improving the Quality of Policy Relevant Research in Bhutan through Leadership Development, Institution Building, and Research Practice’ in RUB colleges. The meeting concluded with the development of common research activities schedules for the year 2017.