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Results of the AURG 2018-2019 Awardees

1. Results of the Selected Beginning  Career Researcher Awardees

SL. No Evaluation Code Title Category College Status
1 6 Coccinellidae diversity of Bhutan (Insecta: Coleoptera); Final compilation from unexplored dzongkhags. BCR CNR Selected
2 8 Strategies for Sustainable Riverfront Township Development in Bhutan BCR CST Selected
3 15 Determination of Groundwater Potential Sites by application of Remote Sensing and Geophysical Investigation BCR JNEC Selected
4 10 Power Quality Analysis of Rubisa Wind Power Plant BCR CST Selected
5 13 Long Short-Term Memory model for long term load forecast of Bhutanese network BCR JNEC Selected
6 2 ཆུ་ཁ་རྫོག་ཁག་ མི་རི་རྩེ་མོ་གཡུས་སྒོ་ནང་ལོ་ལྟར་བཞིན་བརྩི་སྲོལ་ཡོད་པའི་བཅོ་ལྔ་ཉ་རུའི་གསོལ་མཆོད་སྐོར། BCR CLCS Selected
7 4
BCR CLCS Selected
8 5 བུམ་ཐང་ཨུ་རའི་གཡག་ལྷའི་རྒྱབ་ཁུངས་ག་ཅི་དེ་ཨིན་ནའི་སྐོར། BCR CLCS Selected
9 28 The impact of social media in writing and speaking of College level students. BCR GCIT Selected
10 25 Competitive strategies of Bhutanese tour operators — An analysis using Analytic Network Process (ANP) BCR GCBS Selected
11 29 བྱེད་པ་པོ་གཞན་དང་འབྲེལ་བའི་བྱ་ཚིག་དང་ ༼བྱེད་འབྲེལ་ལས་ཚིག་༽ བྱེད་པ་པོ་གཞན་དང་མ་འབྲེལ་བའི་བྱ་ཚིག་ ༼བྱེད་མེད་ལས་ཚིག༽ གཉིས་ཀྱི་གོ་དོན་དང་ བྱ་ཚིག་དེ་གཉིས་ དཔེར་བརྗོད་ཀྱི་ཐོག་ལས་ ཁྱད་པར་ཕྱེ་སྟེ་ངོས་འཛིན་འབད་ཐངས་ཚུ་ ཚད་ལྡན་རྟགས་འཇུག་གི་གཞུང་ཚུ་དང་ ཨིང་ལིཤ་ནང་གི་བྱ་ཚིག་ (transitive) དང་ (intransitive) གཉིས་ཀྱི་སྟོན་ཐངས་ཀྱི་ལམ་ལུགས་ཚུ་ རྫོང་ཁའི་ནང་ལག་ལེན་འཐབ་སྟེ་ འགྱུར་བཅོས་དང་ ལེགས་བཅོས་འབད་ནི། BCR GCIT Selected
12 26 Self- Efficacy Beliefs and Identity Construction of beginning Pre-service Teachers: an Insight into the making of Teachers BCR PCE Selected
13 11 Compost from the bio slurry BCR CST Selected
14 1 Visual Perspective: Role of visual anthropology in promoting ethnographic research in Bhutanese academia BCR CLCS Selected
15 37 Collaborative Overload: A study of Employees under Royal University of Bhutan BCR GCBS Selected

2.  Results of the Selected Mid Career Researcher Awardees

SL. No Evaluation Code Title Category Status College
1 31 Assessment and Analysis of Ambient Particulate Matter-PM10, PM2.5
and PM1 emissions at Rinchending in Phuentsholing Bhutan.
  Selected CST
2 32 Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Basochu Hydropower Plant (BHP) MCR Selected CST
3 34 Student Satisfaction Index for Selected Colleges under Royal University of Bhutan MCR Selected GCBS
4 41 Assessing the Self Efficacy Beliefs of Lecturers of the Colleges of Education in Bhutan in the three core areas of Teaching, Research and Services MCR Selected PCE
5 30 Assessment of nutrient from Parthenium hystephorus L. compost using different inoculants MCR Selected CNR
6 33 Wireless sensor network based Landslide detection and early
warning system
MCR Selected CST
7 35 A Study on Challenges of Rural Enterprise in Bhutan: A Case of Poultry farming in Chukha from Value chain Perspective. MCR Selected GCBS
8 36 Financial Inclusion (FI) and its impact on the socio – economic life of Bhutanese -  A Case Study MCR Selected GCBS

3.  Results of the Selected Advance Career Researcher Awardees

Sl. No Evaluation Code Title Category Status College
1 48 Factors Contributing To Students’ Performance in Mathematics at the Higher Secondary Schools in Bhutan.  ACR Selected SCE
2 46 Rainfall Pattern and Water Poverty and their Implication to Local Livelihoods in the Context of Changing Climatein Bhutan. ACR Selected CNR
3 49 The Effect of Teacher Interpersonal Behaviour on University Students’ Motivation ACR Selected GCBS