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3 Days of Googliness

To keep up with the information age, one needs to be aware and understand how to use online tools that are available, such as Google. Google, one of the most popular search engine provides various free tools and resources that we can use for free for different purposes.

To learn about these free resources and tools of Google, a group of Google volunteer visited the Office of Vice Chancellor (OVC), Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) in Thimphu to not only to introduce but also, provide hands-on session on how to use these tools.

The 3 day Google workshop kicked off on Monday 4th November at the various halls of the OVC. The workshop was divided into 4 different sessions and was conducted simultaneously in different halls.

One of the perks of Google tools is the ‘Google Hangout’, a tool that enables users to voice/video call and chat. Without having to travel all the way to the capital, students and staffs from the Colleges under RUB based in different parts of the country also had an opportunity to participate in some of these sessions using the ‘Google Hangout’. The sessions were on android app development, digital marketing, digital strategy and Google for Education.

Staffs from OVC, Kesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (KGUMSB) and different Ministries are participating in the Google Workshop at the OVC. The Googliness session will wrap up on 6th November.