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Samtse 2020 Awakening Creativity and Spirituality

It was a revitalizing week for Samtse College of Education (SCE) and people of Samtse Dzongkhag as they took part in a 4-day workshop on Art, Writing, Film and Spirituality starting from 7th March.

After a recommendation by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Samtse Dzongkhag and the College initiated the workshop jointly.

The workshop had various resource person, both national and international to talk about  Buddhism, health and creativity. The workshop engaged participants as early as 7 am with yoga sessions, film screening, creative performances and discussions.

In one of the sessions, Dzongkhar Khyentse Rinpoche also spoke  to the students and faculty of the Samtse College of Education about the essence of education. He said “Teacher is an important profession, one should not only teach but also inspire and lead”.

Such workshop was organized to provide a platform for teacher trainees, educators and the community to have discourse on various topics, share ideas and experiences that would foster creativity, spirituality and sense of community. The workshop also aims to reintroduce and revive the ancient connections between the storytellers and future teachers as well as pass the wisdom of the rich spiritual heritage.

The workshop which is first of its kind to be initiated will be an inaugural workshop with way forwards to create a calendar of activities to work towards establishing Samtse Dzongkhag as a centre for contemplation and art to nurture and promote spirituality and creativity with a focus on the youth. The inaugural workshop ended yesterday.