College Staff Volunteers

Volunteerism is in the blood of the College staff. The undying spirit of voluntarism continues.  Today, on 17 August 2020, staff members as usual came forward for the second time to load two tipper trucks of rice stored in the badminton hall of the College.

Sharing his views on the voluntary service, Mr. Wangchuk Dorji, Lecturer of Counselling, one of the regular volunteers in the College said, “Voluntarism must come from the heart and it should not be done for the name and fame”. He also shared that this is what he can do as a small contribution to the nation and people who are waiting for essential commodities. Mr. Alexander Sivitskis, a Teton Science School Bhutan Fellow shared, “This kind of voluntary service gives chance to come forward as a community and give back to community”.  Another expatriate, Mr. Johan Westman, Music teacher of the College expressed, “This is a great opportunity to cooperate in the College following the concept of ‘One Nation! One People!’ and come forward for the nation”. He further stated, “This is also a good chance for him to exercise and be fit”. “This is my support to government, otherwise, government has to pay for this loading. Since, I am getting salary, I felt, I should help government and help government save in small ways”, remarked Mr. Sukman Rai, a support staff of the College.

Members of staff have been providing various voluntary services such as monitoring the community movements, community advocacy programme and patrolling the town at night ever since COVID-19 was first detected in the country in March 2020. Besides providing such voluntary services, The De-Suups in the College are still engaged in voluntary services to man the different Point of Entries (PoEs) along the borders.

Meanwhile, the College Administrative Officer and his team of volunteers are providing services to families in the College by buying and distributing grocery and other essential goods to ensure that the staff and family members have a regular supply of essential commodities during this lockdown period.