Programmes and Services

New Faculty Induction Programme

The basic requisite for academics is the skills in teaching and learning processes. An introduction to university teaching and learning (IUTL) is designed to fulfill this basic requirement of fresh University graduates in classroom management. This programme is attended by all candidates with no prior formal teaching course. IUTL is considered as part of mandatory induction programme to build the confidence of academics in classroom management. Besides inducting new faculty members in teaching and learning the programme also introduces them to the university academic regulations. IUTL programme takes place before taking up teaching assignment in respective College / Institute.

The objective of IUTL is to:

  • Align and prepare the University graduates to the University teaching and learning and
  • Develop confidence of classroom management
  • Orient the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • Introduce the university academic regulations

There shall be 10 days crash course on teaching and learning methodologies centrally coordinated by the CULT. The crash course shall ensure building capacity in teaching skills.

IUTL will consist of the following modules.

Module 1: Knowing Learning and Teaching
Module 2: Understanding Learning Domains
Module 3: Delivering Effective Lecture
Module 4: Answering and Asking Questions
Module 5: Planning a Lesson
Module 6: Facilitating Meaningful Group Activities
Module 7: Using Learning and Teaching Resources
Module 8: Assessing Student Learning
Module 9: Giving Constructive Feedback to Student Learning
Module 10: Using Education Technology
Module 11: Practicing Micro-Lesson
Module 12: Promoting Academic Integrity
Module 13: Understanding University Academic Regulations

Continuous Professional Development Programmes

One of the remits of CULT is to assist university in developing and supporting best academic practices in teaching and learning. To do so, CULT conducts continuous professional development programme for faculty members in learning and teaching. The programme, although not compulsory, is expected to be provided to all faculty members at all levels of experience and expertise.

This continuous professional development programme is normally schedule during winter vacations as it does not disturb the regular academic session.

Trainings for academic support staff

Academic support staff plays important role in providing services and support to students. Therefore, one of the merits of CULT is to provide trainings for academic support staff to enhance and update their knowledge in their areas. CULT conducts meetings with the academic support staff and finds out their training needs. CULT, therefore, organizes their trainings whenever possible.

Programme Development

CULT is also mandated to develop concepts and procedures for programme development in the University. For this CULT organizes workshops on programme development process for the programme leaders of the colleges periodically.

The workshop orient the programme leaders on designing programme for the Royal University of Bhutan.