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Centre of University Learning and Teaching


Until the establishment of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), the colleges were attached to different relevant ministry of the country and were functioning as one of the organizations under the ministry. However, with the establishment of the University in 2003, the office of the Vice Chancellor was set up in Thimphu, the capital City of Bhutan and the colleges were separated from the parent ministries and brought under the University.

Therefore, the office of the vice chancellor is responsible for looking after the member colleges which are spread across the country.

The Centre of University Learning and Teaching (CULT) is established in the Office of the Vice Chancellor to promote excellence in learning and teaching in the University. CULT works to help faculty members at RUB excel in their teaching, to enhance the culture of teaching at the university, and, in turn, to increase the quality of education at RUB. Besides helping faculty members, CULT also works to help academic support staff of the University in promoting their skills in their field of areas.

To do so, CULT provides various programmes and services all gearing towards enhancement of learning and teaching in the University. To induct new faculty members to the system of University learning and teaching, CULT conducts 10-day induction programme every semester. Besides new faculty induction programme, CULT also provides continuous professional development programmes. Faculty members at all levels of experience and expertise — from senior faculty to new teaching assistants, from those acclaimed to those struggling — participate in this programme.

CULT also organizes meetings and conferences of relevant individuals to discuss and plan activities which CULT could take up to promote academic excellence in the University. As each member college focusses on different field of areas, the CULT also develops and provides programmes on demand to an individual member college. For inquiries, information or to register for workshops, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remit of CULT

CULT will promote and support good practices, through research and studies, in all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment for the Royal University of Bhutan. The Centre will:

  • Assist the University in developing and supporting best academic practices in teaching and learning for the University
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of continuous staff development provisions
  • Provide and enhance access to resource materials (books, journals, manuals, periodicals, guides and software) to all University staff and students
  • Support research on university teaching and learning
  • Develop concepts and procedures for programme development
  • Through the Advisory Committee be responsible to monitor the 5 year Strategic Plan and Operational Plan

CULT Advisory Committee

Following are the composition of the CULT Advisory Committee:

  1. Director (Academic Affairs) – Chair
  2. All Deans of Academic Affairs including affiliate college/s – Members
  3. Manger, Quality Assurance & Enhancement – Member
  4. Manager, Education Technology – Member
  5. Manager, Programme, Teaching and Learning – Secretary

The frequency and quorum of Advisory Committee Meeting

  1. CULT Advisory Committee will meet twice a year.
  2. Two third attendance by committee members is required
  3. Officiating Dean of Academic Affairs will attend in the absence of the member