Vacancies for Administrative Positions at RUB

The Royal University of Bhutan would like to announce the following vacancies for immediate recruitment:

Sl. No. Position Title Work Place Slot Qualification Experiences Appointment Type
1 President (Job Description) Gaeddu College of Business Studies, Gedu 1 Masters Degree Position Level 3 equivalent or 15 years of work experiences in professional positions (officer’s level or equivalent) Fixed Term
2 Chief Research and Development Officer (Job Description) Office of the Vice Chancellor, Thimphu      1 Masters Degree     10 years of work experiences in professional positions (officer’s level or equivalent)     Regular        
3 Chief External Relation Officer (Job Description) 1
4 Chief ICT Officer (Job Description) 1
5 Chief Planning Officer (Job Description) 1
6 Chief HR Officer (Job Description) 1
7 Legal Officer (Job Description) LLB with PGDNL  
8 ICT Officer (Job Description) 1 Bachelors Degree in IT or equivalent  
9 Academic Quality Officer (Job Description)  Bachelors Degree with teaching qualification  Must have 5 years of teaching experience
10 Driver (Job Description) 1 Class VIII  Must have valid driving license  

Preferences shall be given to candidates with relevant experience and qualification.

Eligible candidates may apply to the Human Resources Division, Office of the Vice Chancellor, Royal University of Bhutan, Motithang latest by 10 February 2017 (4 pm) along with copies of the following documents:

  1. Duly filled RUB Job Application form (Click Here)
  2. Academic Transcripts of:
    • Masters and Bachelors degree (for Sl. No. 1 to 6)
    • Bachelors degree & PGDNL (for Sl. No. 7)
    • Bachelors degree (for Sl. No. 8)
    • Bachelors degree, along with testimonials of teaching qualification (for Sl. No. 9)
    • Class X and XII (for Sl. No. 1 to 9)
    • Class VIII (for Sl. No. 10)
  3. Valid Security Clearance (online approved copy)
  4. Valid Medical Certificate
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate (for President’s position only)
  6. Audit Clearance Certificate (for in-service candidates only)
  7. Citizenship ID card
  8. No Objection Certificate from the employer, if employed
  9. Experience Certificate (for in-service candidates only)

For further information please contact HR Division at 336454.

Office of the Registrar