Norbuling Rigter College

Sprawling over large expanse of prime land near Dotey River, Norbuling Rigter College (NRC) is the second Private College of Bhutan approved by the Tertiary Education Board and affiliated to the Royal University of Bhutan in July 2017. It offers B.Com and BBA and will diversify its programmes in future.

Nestled amidst greenness of fresh pinewoods, continuous flow of clean water, sights of farmers of the local communities nearby tilling their farmland and sounds of the monastery bell on the ridges above makes Norbuling Rigter College (NRC) a perfect campus for learning.

It is 15 minutes’ drive along Dotey river from Paro town.


Advancing Education, Empowering young minds

Mission statement

  • Create innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that will enable the young minds to thrive and prosper.
  • Offer relevant education and skills of international standard.
  • Prepare responsible GNH graduates who are exposed to international ideas and yet deeply rooted in the Bhutanese values.

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Royal Thimphu College

Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan first private college, offers general degree programmes under the auspices of the Royal University of Bhutan.

The RTC campus, covering an area of 25 acres in Ngabiphu, offers a secluded and peaceful natural environment for study. At the same time, it is only a 15 – 20 minute drive from the capital city, Thimphu.

RTC faculty staff hail from seven different countries and together they provide diverse and innovative teaching methods and offer students an international perspective on their studies.


To become an institution of academic excellence that sets inspiring standards for education by challenging its students to achieve their full potential and to become independent life-long learners who are well-rounded, responsible citizens


  • To contribute to educational excellence in Bhutan by providing an education meeting international standards at a reasonable cost
  • To foster students’ individual development to prepare them for successful careers in a rapidly changing world and to strengthen their capacity to be active and responsible members of their professions and communities
  • To create an institutional culture that helps individuals develop their distinctive capabilities while fostering commitment to the College and its mission To be a crucible of new ideas and knowledge that serves to enrich people’s lives and enhance the welfare of society.
  • Stimulate new ideas, knowledge, and practices that serve to enrich people’s lives and enhance the welfare of society.

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