Annual University Research Grant

Research at the University occurs within the context of numerous administrative structures serving a variety of purposes such as governance and management, setting and enforcement of standards, ensuring quality, and providing support to researchers.

The University’s highest body is the University Council, which delegates executive management of the University to the Vice Chancellor and all academic matters, including research, to the Academic Board, which comprises several committees responsible for its different functions. The Department of Academic Affairs and Research at the Office of the Vice Chancellor provides the linkage between the Academic Board’s policies and the research activities occurring at individual Colleges. Within Colleges, research is managed by Presidents, Deans of Research and Industrial Linkages, and Research Center Coordinators with the approval and monitoring of College Research Committees. The committees, departments and individuals support research in the university through a) provisions of fund, b) allocation of resources, c) capacity development, and d) network and scholarships.

The Annual University Research Grant guideline to support three categories of researchers was developed and approved for implementation with relevant forms for application, evaluation and progress reporting

Annual University Research Grant is a competitive research grant annually administered by the Department of Academic Affairs and Research, where available annual research funding is distributed to individual researcher or research teams through merit-based and peer-reviewed processes. Such research grants will be distributed based on the research output of the individual researchers or research teams which will be monitored through the successful submission of research output on regular interval. Following links provide relevant information and documents to apply for new research proposal: