Events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops)

The University brings together its academic and students on different workshops, conferences, and symposiums to network and share learning from international best practices. Many enriching experiences have been provided, which have led to further networks and allowed the University staff and students to enter into joint projects and initiatives with external institutions. This has also ‘strengthened our relations with the international community and promoting brand Bhutan.’

Like any organizations in Bhutan, the RUB is guided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Tourism Council of Bhutan, when hosting international meetings and conferences in Bhutan, to discourage competition with the congested tourism sector, while also ensuring to give meaningful experiences to the visitors at the University.

For details relating to hosting an international conference, workshop, seminar, workshop, and symposia at RUB, you may contact the Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages (DRILs) of the Colleges or the Director at the Department of Research and External Relations at RUB, to process approvals in line with Government regulations.

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