Since the establishment of the Royal University of Bhutan in 2003 through the amalgamation of tertiary education offered from various locations across the country, the first priority for the academic programme was either to adopt the existing programmes after fulfilling quality assurance of programme development as prescribed under the Royal University of Bhutan, or to initiate development of new award bearing programmes after subjecting to academic screening processes something similar to GNHC screening tools. Through the years, several programmes are adopted and validated, reviewed internally and also through engagement of external examiners and consultants. Some award programmes have become obsolete in context to present need assessments and have discontinued while relevant programmes continue to be offered. At the same time, new programmes are developed and introduced.

Sl. NoName of AwardMode of Delivery Duration of the ProgrammeRemarks
1Bachelor of Arts in Media StudiesFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
2Bachelor of Arts in EnglishFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
3Bachelor of Arts in HistoryFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
4BSc in Sustainable DevelopmentFulltime3 YearsClick Here
5BSc in Environment & Climate StudiesFulltime3 YearsClick Here
6BSc in Animal ScienceFulltime4 Years (2+ 2 diploma)Click Here
7BSc in ForestryFulltime4 Years (2+ 2 diploma) Click Here
8BSc in Food Science and TechnologyFulltime4 Years (2+ 2 diploma)Click Here
9BSc in Organic AgricultureFulltime4 Years
10BSc in AgricultureFulltime4 Years (2+ 2 diploma) Click Here
11Master of Science in Natural Resources ManagementFulltime2 YearsClick Here
12Masters in Development PracticeFulltime2 YearsClick Here
13BE in Civil EngineeringFulltime4 Years Click Here
14BE in Information TechnologyFulltime4 Years Click Here
15BE in Electronics & Communications EngineeringFulltime4 YearsClick Here
16Bachelor of ArchitectureFulltime5 YearsClick Here
17BE in Engineering GeologyFulltime4 YearsClick Here
18BE in Instrumentation & Control EngineeringFulltime4 Years Click Here
19BE in Electrical EngineeringFulltime4 YearsClick Here
20ME in Renewable EnergyFulltime2 Years Click Here
21Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Fulltime3 Years Click Here
22MBAFulltime2 Years Click Here
23Bachelor of CommerceFulltime3 Years Click Here
24BA in Bhutanese & Himalayan StudiesFulltime3 Years, 4 Years for HonoursClick Here
25BA in Language & LiteratureFulltime3 Years, 4 Years for HonoursClick Here
26Diploma in Language & LiteratureFulltime2 Years (Nested)Click Here
27Diploma in Materials and Procurement ManagementFulltime2 YearsClick Here
28Bachelor of Engineering in Surveying & GeoinformaticsFulltime4 YearsClick Here
29Diploma in Computer System & NetworkFulltime2 YearsClick Here
30Diploma in Civil EngineeringFulltime2 YearsClick Here
31Diploma in SurveyingFulltime2 YearsClick Here
32Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical EngineeringFulltime4 YearsClick Here
33Bachelor of Engineering in Power EngineeringFulltime4 YearsClick Here
34Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringFulltime2 YearsClick Here
35BEd (Primary)Fulltime4 YearsClick Here  
36B.Ed (Primary)Part time4 YearsClick Here  
37BEd (Dzongkha)Fulltime4 YearsClick Here
38Diploma in Early Childhood, Care  and DevelopmentFull Time3 yearsClick Here
39Diploma in Early Childhood, Care  and DevelopmentPart Time3 yearsClick Here
40MEd in Dzongkha Education Part time 3 YearsClick Here
41Pg Diploma in Education (Dzongkha)Fulltime1 YearClick Here
42Pg Diploma in Education (Dzongkha)Part time2 yearsClick Here
43Bachelors in Education SecondaryFulltime4 YearsClick Here
44Bachelor of Arts in Social WorkFulltime4 YearsClick Here
45Master of Education in EnglishFulltime2 YearsClick Here
46Postgraudate Diploma in Contemplative Counselling PsychologyFulltime2 YearsClick Here
47Master of Education in Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) and MathematicsFulltime2 YearsClick Here
48M.Ed in GeographyFulltime2 YearsClick Here
49Postgraduate Diploma in EducationFulltime2 YearsClick Here
50B.A Political Science and Sociology Fulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
51B.A (Honours) Political Science and Sociology
52BA Population and Development Studies Fulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
53B.Sc. (Honours) Population and Development Studies/td>
54B.Sc.Life Science Fulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
55B.Sc. (Honours) Botany 
56B.Sc. (Honours) Zoology
57Bachelor of Science in ChemistryFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
58Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry
59BSc in Geography & BSc Honours in GeographyFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
60B.A Dzongkha and English Fulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
61B.A. (Honours) English 
62B.A. (Honours) Dzongkha
63Bachelor of Science in PhysicsFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
64Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics
65Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Bachelor of Arts Honours in EconomicsFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
66B.Sc.MathematicsFulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
67B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics
68B.Sc.Environmental Science Fulltime3/4 YearsClick Here
69B.A. (Honours) Environmental Science
70Bachelor in Computer ApplicationFulltime3 YearsClick Here
71Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceFulltime4 Years Click Here
72Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyFulltime4 Years Click Here