Agreements (MoU and Partnerships)

 The University since its inception in 2003 has entered into partnership with a number of universities and organizations, both within and outside, to carry out academic exchanges of scholars, research projects, resource sharing, and conferences and seminars. These range of academic pursuits with reputed institutions enhance the University’s practices in innovative pedagogy and engaged research.

Such partnerships includes the formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which is accorded approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Attorney General and the Cabinet Secretariat. Other agreements include the Letter of Intent (LoI) and Letter of Agreement (LoA), all written agreements carried out between two or more parties to express an intention to establish a partnership. However, some very successful academic collaborations have also been established and instituted even in absence of a MoU.

If any RUB college or an external institution wants to institute a MoU with RUB, please review the processes outlined or contact the External Relations division to formalize the process.

To enter into a MoU, a  MoU Checklist provided will assist one to formalize the MoU processes at RUB.

In accordance to the recommendation of the Cabinet Secretariat in March 2017, all MoUs established at RUB are drafted according to the draft template provided:

Draft MoU Template

We recommend a MoU to be established for a period of 5 years with meaningful outline of activity(ies). A MoU is vetted on an annual basis and the RUB college(s) involved with it has to submit a Report outlining its progress on an annual basis, which will serve as a basis for renewal, after the MoU period would have ceased.

Checklist for proposing MoU with external entities

Checklist for proposing Renewal of MoU with External Entities

 Active MoUs

Some of the meaningful collaborations of the RUB in the last few years has been with the following institutions, with or without a MoU:

International Relations (2021-2023)

International Relations (2020-2021)

International Relations (2019-2020)

International Relations (2018 -2019)

International Relations (2017 – 2018)